Hiring Builders in Gravesend for Home Improvement Services

by | Sep 12, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Do you want to increase the safety and security of your property? Perhaps you want to maximise living space, increase property value or simply add aesthetic appeal? Whatever your reasons for investing in home improvement services, it’s important that you shop around to find builders in Gravesend. A qualified and experienced builder will be able to take your visions and turn them into reality through offering tailored services. If you’re not sure what you want the home renovation to involve, consider the following services.


If you enjoy spending time in the house but don’t have enough rooms for socialising, entertaining and relaxing, think about getting conservatories fitted by builders in Gravesend. These extensions are designed with glass or plastic roofs, and welcome lots of sunlight. They are extremely energy-efficient and sound-proof too, so you can gaze at garden views in the warmth throughout winter. Consider how much room you have when choosing from the many styles, such as P-shaped Victorian, Victorian Five-Sided, Raked Lean To, and Gull Wing. UPVc is a cost-effective choice of material, and will be available in classic oak, mahogany and plain white.

Fences and Gates

A fence or a gate, when installed on your property, will add instant aesthetic appeal. Picket fences, vinyl fences and close board fences are good options for the home, because they can be constructed with a range of materials in a rainbow of colours. Combine a fence with a gate that has a lock and you can make the grounds of your property more secure. The two together guarantee better privacy and will offer wind resistance, while creating a pleasing decorative effect.

Windows and Doors

Updating the windows and doors on your property is a good way to improve energy efficiency.  By getting double glazed windows and doors fitted during a home renovation project you can increase the property value and enhance safety. Double glazed windows have two planes of glass with an Argon gas-filled pane in the centre. This gas-filled layer absorbs sound and heat, allowing for more comfort. Wood, vinyl and aluminium are popular framing materials, because they are enduring and look good. There is a style to suit every home, such as bay windows, tilt and turn windows, casement windows and sash windows.

Deaves & Company Home Improvements  provides experience home improvements for properties in Gravesend and the surrounding areas.

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