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by | Aug 5, 2014 | Pest Control

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Many homeowners go through the struggle of having stray or wild animals around their properties at one time or another. Unfortunately for many of these homeowners, dealing with wild animals can often be dangerous for them and their children. Many wild animals carry diseases or the potential for diseases, and should be treated with a healthy respect when approaching them. Most often, children will see a small animal and make the assumption that it will be friendly, which often leads to the child being injured or infected with a disease without warning.

When wild animals approach a home, it is often in the search of food or shelter. For the most part, food is usually the biggest target for any type of pest that will try to invade your home. Animal Control Service professionals will often suggest that homeowners ensure their trash cans have secure lids and can’t be knocked over easily by small animals to help prevent them from seeing their trash as a source of food.

Any locations where trash sits for a prolonged period of time can attract more than just insects, and will often attract both stray and wild animals to your home. Keeping your trash taken care of on a regular basis is the best way to prevent it from being seen as a buffet for any type of animal entering your property.

Another big concern when it comes to any type of wild animal entering your home, is ventilation systems underneath your home. Having an Animal Control Service help you seal your home off more efficiently can help prevent animals from actually entering your home through vents, grates, cracks in the foundation or walls, or even areas of your roofing. Companies like Bates Exterminating offer services for homes to help seal areas that animals may use as entry ways into your home.

It’s often a terrifying situation to deal with when a wild animal has entered your home, and poses a threat to you or your family. Trying to deal with these types of situations on your own can often be dangerous, which is why it’s best to let a professional pest control service handle the situation for you.

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