Having Trouble Finding the Perfect Hair Extensions in New York?


When it comes to hair extensions there are tons of options to choose from. Whether it’s clip on, sewn, nylon, human hair, glued and the list goes on and on. Someone who has never had them before might look at the amount of options and be a little lost. Hopefully this guide will help you in picking out the perfect one’s for you.

Clip on Hair Extensions

The cheapest way to go, which also means the most noticeable. Within seconds they are in or out of your hair and you don’t need a professional to install them. Best used when there isn’t going to be a lot of light.

Sewn Hair Extensions

A little bit more pricey but sewn extensions are not going to be noticed as much. These type of extensions look gorgeous if done right by a professional and can last months if taken care of properly. This process they take weave after weave and sew them at the base of your natural hair all around your head.

Glued Hair Extensions

Same procedure as above except instead of sewing it to the base of your own hair they use glue – which months later you can take out yourself rather than going back into the salon.

Be prepared to spend hundreds of  dollars for the latter 2 applications. Though if you want to take it to the next level, be prepared to spend thousands. But, with these applications rest assured, no one will even think you have extensions on.

Now we will look into the different types of hair you can use. Finding the perfect hair extensions in New York will be easy if you go to one of the many salons the city has to offer, and with the right amount of money.

Nylon has its ups and downs. Quality in manufacturing really comes out here. This is typically the type of hair a lot of women go for since it can be on the cheaper side. But you pay for what you get. This you will typically notice for more easier than human hair.

Human hair comes in a wide variety of styles, blends, quality, remi or not. When choosing this option it is worth going to a good stylist. They can match the blend and type of hair used. Whether its Asian, Russian, European, or any other it is best to match up against your own hair so it blends nicely and won’t get noticed. That way you can have the luscious beautiful locks you dream of and no one will catch on.

If you need to find hair extensions in New York contact Paul LaBrecque Salon.

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