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Older dogs have much to recommend them. They have become valued friends and family members over the years. They stood by us on the good days and the bad. Generally, older dogs have few bad habits, but if they do have one or two, everyone has long since adapted. They know what to expect from us and we know what to expect from them.

Older dogs develop age-related health problems. What are the warning signs that a trip to the vet is needed?

  • Arthritis is as common in older dogs as it is in older humans. There is no need to allow him or her to suffer as there are many medications that will relieve the pain. An ‘orthopedic’ dog bed may allow more comfortable rest.
  • Sudden blindness, as well as staggering or hearing loss, can be symptomatic of a variety of problems. A dog with sudden vision problems, for example, could have sudden onset diabetes and cataracts (which can develop in only a few days).
  • Bad breath or bleeding gums could be caused by infection, oral cancer or kidney disease, among other possibilities. Any indications of mouth tenderness should be looked into.
  • Skin problems, itchiness and hair loss should also be checked at Oahu Animal Hospitals. Treatments are available and the dog will be so much more comfortable.
  • Loss of appetite is usually a signal that something is wrong. If the dog starts drinking more water than normal, that is also a warning sign. The most common reasons for increased thirst are kidney problems or diabetes. Monitor the amount of water the dog drinks daily.
  • Sudden ‘accidents’ in the house can also be a sign of trouble.
  • Older dogs can develop age-related dementia, just as people can. Some dogs can be helped with treatment.

Don’t try to get an older dog to do more than he is comfortable doing. Long walks may no longer be possible, but a short walk is still good exercise. Some dogs will plainly say that they’ve had enough by just refusing to do more. Others will try hard to do the things that they used to do, so watch for signs that they are overdoing it. As one of the finest Oahu Animal Hospitals, The Honolulu Pet Clinic has been successfully treating older dogs for many years, allowing both dogs and pet parents to enjoy their remaining years together.


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