Grass Seed Versus Sod in Junction City KS

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Agriculture and Forestry

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You are looking at a patch of dirt. It can be your lawn, or your business front, or your community park or even that back lot behind the high school. Big or small, residential or commercial, it doesn’t matter the size or the location. It is just a patch of dirt- hard, ugly, useless dirt. What can be done with it? Well, you can dig it up and seed it and hope it grows. You can water it and hope it does not wash away. You can wait all season and hope the sun doesn’t dry it up. You can start to see it grow in spots, or think you see it grow in spots. Another option is to use Sod Junction City KS and have an instantly beautiful lawn.

Sod creates a healthy environment. It cleans the air and helps to recharge ground water supplies. Using Sod Junction City KS, improves the overall air quality for the area and will give you the best lawn in Kansas. Sod, unlike grass seed, typically roots in approximately 10 days. You can start to play rough on it within weeks of installation. It can be installed anytime the ground is not frozen.

It is best to have sod professionally installed. You can do-it-yourself, and there are step by step instructions on how to do that if you wanted to take the time and effort. That involves measuring the area and ordering the sod. Soil preparation is required, and you must install the sod immediately upon delivery. You then have to water it frequently and keep it moist for 8-10 days until it is firmly rooted. Sod Junction City KS can also expertly install the sod quickly and affordably. Whether it is your yard or the park, it can be done with no hassle and no worry. There are even maintenance packages that make keeping the sod fertilized and watered.

Grass is good for some things and it has its place, however, sod is quicker and healthier for the environment. Let Sod Junction City KS stores and staff go over the options so you can make an informed decision. Ditch the dirt and begin to enjoy that space.

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