Good Remedies for Toothpaste

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Dental

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For the times when you cannot get to the dentist in Annapolis, there are some good remedies to use when you have a toothache unexpectedly. Did you know that garlic can help you with toothache relief? Garlic has antibiotic qualities and when you eat crushed garlic you reduce the pain of toothaches. Another great remedy for toothaches is salt water. Gargle with it a few times during the day and you should feel the pain cease. Some dentists recommend clove oil because it contains eugenol, an ingredient that soothes pain. Turmeric may help since it is anti-inflammatory.

Take Some Aspirin

Aspirin has always been a good remedy for toothaches and for the best results you should take two of them. Aspirin reduces the inflammation in your gums that is causing the toothache. Be sure not to take too many because it could lead to a negative reaction from the body.

Gargle With Mouthwash

Sometimes mouthwash is the best remedy for a toothache when the above mentioned remedies will not work. The best mouthwash to use is the antibacterial kind and you should gargle with it a few times during the day for the best results.

Wheat Juice

Another neat remedy is wheat juice. Wheat juice will get rid of the toxins in the mouth that cause the toothache. You can purchase wheat juice at the natural health store, online or at certain supermarkets in the area.

Hydrogen Peroxide And Water

Until you’re able to visit experienced dentist in Annapolis you can gargle with hydrogen peroxide and water for a minute or two a few times during the day. The hydrogen peroxide is effective in healing your toothache temporarily.

Whiskey Works Well Too

You may think that whiskey should be the last thing you drink when trying to soothe a toothache but the truth is that whiskey helps eliminate the intensity of the pain associated with your toothache until you can meet with Annapolis Dental Associates.

Avoid Hard And Chewy Foods

Don’t make the toothache worst by consuming hard and chewy foods. Instead you should eat mostly soft foods that are not extremely cold or hot. These foods include pudding, rice in broth, mashed potatoes, herbal tea and soft breads. Also stay away from overly spicy or sugary foods until the toothache goes away. In conclusion, there are numerous ways to heal a toothache and the key is finding the right remedy for you. You can find more information when you visit our profile at:


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