Get Rid of Your Unwanted Guests with Emergency Pest Control in Tampa


You are fast asleep one night when you are suddenly awakened by a strange noise. You cannot quite discern what the noise is or from where it is coming. Is someone in your house? After listening carefully for a few minutes, you decide that it is not someone. It is something. A rodent, perhaps? You cannot be sure. The only thing you know for certain at this point is that you need to call for emergency pest control in Tampa first thing tomorrow morning.

There’s a Mouse in the House

Mice can squeeze through very tight spaces to gain access to your home. In fact, a mouse only needs an opening 1/4-inch wide to enter. You may have mice and not ever physically see them. Mice are most active at night, and they avoid open areas. So, how will you know if you have a mouse in the house? There will be plenty of telltale signs. Mice almost constantly chew on things. They chew holes in walls to find hiding places. They chew holes in bags and boxes to find food. They also chew holes in furniture and stuffed animals to find soft materials for their nest. Wherever the mouse chews, you will find evidence. You will also likely find mouse excrement in cabinets and along baseboards. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact emergency pest control in Tampa right away. Not only do mice cause damage to your home and steal your food, but also they are also hazardous to your health. You see, mice leave germ-laden urine and feces all over your home. This excrement dries, becomes airborne when the wind blows, and is inhaled by you, your family, and your pets. Mice also have parasites, such as lice, fleas, and mites, which also carry diseases. Calling emergency pest control in Tampa can protect your family from illness.

Integrated Pest Management

Technicians highly-trained in emergency pest control in Tampa will likely use a process known as Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, to get rid of the mouse in your house. IPM makes your home uncomfortable for mice without the use of harsh chemicals. It is also a more effective solution for long-term control as it prevents more rodents from entering your home. How exactly does Integrated Pest Management work? The technician who comes to your home will not only work to rid your home of the existing rodents, but will make it virtually impossible for new pests to enter. He will inspect your home for cracks around windows and doors, holes around pipes and other entry points, and tears in crawl space screens. He may also make recommendations to you about trimming trees and shrubbery around your home, not storing cardboard boxes in the garage, using raised pet food and water dishes, as well as properly storing food in your pantry. If a mouse cannot find food in your home, after all, it will not live there.

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