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The roof of your house consists of structural support in the form of rafters and joists, a covering of decking for strength, felt roofing for extra protection and some form of covering to keep the rain out. In most cases this covering is asphalt shingles. Asphalt has been around for decades and was first developed as a low cost alternative to metal roofing such as copper. This is one reason that asphalt shingles are typically green. The color was designed to mimic the green patina that copper acquires when aged. One of the benefits to using asphalt is its budget friendly price. One of the downsides is the short lifespan of roughly twenty years.

Most roofing companies in Franklin provide alternatives such as steel roofing. Zinc galvanized steel provides long lasting protection with warranties that average fifty years or more. Steel roofing actually comes in two versions. Standard zinc galvanizing provides protection in most locales while aluminum zinc galvanizing provides protection in areas with heavy salt such as coastlines. The combination of aluminum keeps the zinc in place longer which protects the steel. Steel roofing is a lightweight alternative that comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Other options include cement tiles, slate and fired clay. Cement tiles are a relatively new roofing option that provides excellent protection at the cost of some extra weight. This particular roofing option looks like asphalt roofing, but requires custom installation. Fired clay is typically used on Mediterranean styled homes and usually comes in red or brown colors. Slate also provides an extremely durable roofing option provided the roof is strong enough to support it.

Keeping your roof healthy is crucial to its longevity and ability to perform its function of protection. You can do this by having the roof inspected occasionally and covering it with a durable product. This is where roofing companies in Franklin come into the picture. Your roofer can explain all the pros and cons of each type of product and whether any changes to your home are required. In most cases your best options are classic asphalt shingles or the more modern steel roofing. Both will provide your home with a beautiful roof for an affordable price.

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