Finding the Right Roofing Contractor in St. Louis

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Obtaining the services of any type of contractor for property repair, building or maintenance can be challenging when you do it for the first time. While there are professionals offering a range of services, unlicensed contractors have caused many problems for property owners over the years. If you need to find someone to repair your roof, there is no need to feel confused by the number of service providers. A roofing contractor must meet certain criteria to serve the needs of residential and commercial customers.


A roofing contractor in St. Louis must have a license allowing the company to operate in this area. They must also be insured before they take on this type of work. You should not be surprised if you encounter a company that has no license or insurance, as this happens in many industries. This is why you should ask to see proof that all their legal obligations have been met before you discuss any type of roofing job. The contractor should have full knowledge of building permits and zoning laws that could influence the way your roofing job is handled. An understanding of the suitability of materials for different climate conditions is also important.


They should have the latest tools and technology available, and they must be able to complete the job within the timeframe specified in the estimate. Whether your project involves major remodeling or simple roof repairs, you will be able to get a free quote. You do not have to worry that the company will see this as a sign that you are giving them the job.


A roofing contractor in St. Louis will give you a warranty on the roofing job, no matter how much work was involved. If you are building a new roof, be sure to discuss the options, which will provide the best value. Make a smart choice based on your budget and the warranty. The warranty itself does not guarantee that nothing will go wrong with the roof. It is a statement of confidence in the workmanship, and the promise that any problems with the work will be fixed at no additional expense to you.

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