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There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding out that your HVAC system has broken down and left your home to the mercy of the summer’s heat all day long while you were out. Not only has your HVAC unit not been able to cool your home down while you were gone, it may need some serious repairs as well. Most of the time, HVAC systems will suffer from minor problems that can prevent them from working properly, but in most cases these problems will be easy to fix. If your HVAC system has stopped working entirely, it’s usually due to a more severe problem that has affected the coolant system, condenser, or radiator components. These are usually the three most vital components of your HVAC Installation, and should be the first things checked by the contractor you call in for repairs.

In most scenarios, calling a heating and cooling contractor like Acker and Sons Inc. to come look at your unit will be the first step you should take. In severe situations where the unit may have an electrical problem, it’s often a good idea to cut the power to it as soon as you notice the unit is having issues. This should also be done in the event that your unit is leaking coolant from its coolant lines, to try to stem the flow of coolant off as much as possible.

Once the contractor has had a chance to inspect your HVAC Installation, they can give you a better idea of what is wrong with your unit before deciding on whether or not you want them to repair it. Most companies offer estimates before performing any repairs, so it’s often a smart idea to read over the entire estimate before agreeing to anything.

Once they’ve started working on your unit, repairs can typically take anywhere from one day to a week to be performed, depending on the severity of the problem. When dealing with any type of HVAC problem, it’s a good idea to allow extra time for a problem to get sorted out, just in case the contractor needs to order parts to replace the damaged portions of your unit with. In most cases, contractors will have parts on hand to use when dealing with basic repairs to a unit. Unfortunately, every HVAC system is different, so having the right parts on hand for your unit may be difficult. Connect with us on Facebook for more information!



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