Filing A Claim Against The Government With A Personal Injury Attorney In Long Island, NY


In New York, a personal injury that occurs within a city or county managed area such as a park requires that a victim file a claim against this government-based entity. These premise’s liabilities require claimants to follow special rules to prevent a forfeiture of their rights or a failure to process the claim correctly. If you need to file a claim against a government entity, you should contact a Personal Injury Attorney In Long Island NY today.


Filing Your Claim


The first requirement to consider when filing a claim against a government official or entity representing the county or city is to understand that your statute of limitations is thirty days. After this deadline you cannot file a claim for these injuries. Next, you’re required to file a notice of claim and submit it to the individual responsible for managing the area in which you were injured. For example, if your child sustained an injury within a playground that is within the city, chances are you would file a claim against the city. However, if it is outside of the city limits it is more than likely regulated by the county and you would file a claim against the commissioner that manages maintenance of the park and its fixtures.


How the Process Works


Within your claim of notice, you must include information about the injured individual and where they sustained their injury. You are required to file this notice with each individual listed in the lawsuit. You should also include information such as the medical professional who provided care for the injuries so that they can acquire the medical records that outline the nature of the injury. After you receive a notification through certified mail indicating that he or she received the letter, you will wait at least ninety days before filing a lawsuit.


When filing a claim a claim against the government for an injury, you will not receive puniative damages. However, once you file your claim and win you will receive economic damages based on the severity of the injury. If you wish to file a claim today, you should contact a Personal Injury Attorney In Long Island NY now.

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