Fight Ticks With Regular Lawn Care


Ticks are one of the most dangerous creatures in America. They not only suck blood but can transmit many diseases, including Lyme disease, tularemia, and anaplasmosis. Tick populations in Connecticut have exploded because they are carried by white-tailed deer into yards, fields and even urban areas. Since most natural deer predators have been hunted to near extinction, the deer population has soared. Fight ticks and their diseases with Landscaping Services in Durham CT and elsewhere.

Preventing Ticks

The good news is that ticks are not indestructible. They can die from overexposure to the sun and from lack of humidity. Make lawns and yards inhospitable for ticks following these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The good news is that these tips will also help prevent other pests like mice.

Mow lawns regularly so that the grass is only a few inches high at the most. Hiring a lawn care service like Madison Earthcare can save money in the long run for home or business owners that cannot afford to purchase, maintain and store a lawnmower year-round. Remove all brush or piles of debris like leaves. Brush and long grass make the humidity that ticks need to thrive. Get rid of large pieces of trash in the yard that cause moist patches and hiding places for pests.

Preventing Deer

Another way to keep out ticks is to keep out the deer acting as taxis services for ticks. Transform yards into areas not attractive to deer. Removing very large piles of trash, rubble or brush removes hiding places for deer. Placing fencing around the yard helps deter deer. Talk to a professional landscape service to select the right fence.

Remove vegetable gardens as they are deer magnets. Plant only flowers that deer do not like to eat. Install a sprinkler that goes off when it detects motion. The sudden spray of water frightens deer. Consider getting a dog to chase or scare off deer.

In Summary

Keeping a tidy, well-maintained lawn is the best thing a homeowner can do to prevent tick bites. Visit the Website to find out more information about how a well-maintained yard and lawn not only looks good but keeps out a wide variety of pests.

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