Factors To Consider When Installing A Wood Fence in St Paul


Installing a Wood Fence in St Paul area is the best way to gain privacy from your neighbors. You can also separate or divide areas of your yard using a wooden fence. Types of woods used for fencing purposes can be stained, untreated or painted. Surrounding your residential property with a wooden fence offers modern styling and can be very viable economically. Below are some important factors you should consider before installing a wooden fence.


Depending on the type of wood used or the intricate details of the fencing project, the costs may differ. If you are planning to hire a contractor to do the job, set some extra cash aside for the labor.

Length of the project

Depending on how large the compound is, a fencing project may take longer than expected. However, the average period is three days. During this period, the posts are set on the ground, the concrete is poured and allowed to settle and finally, the rails are added to complete the project. If a contractor is doing the fencing job for you, it might take longer especially if the project is conducted during the busy fencing seasons. Fencing projects can be pursued any time of the year.

Fencing regulations and permits

Different cities have different fencing regulations. Consult the necessary individuals to acquire a fencing permit before pursuing your project. Also, talk to your neighbors and allow them to participate in the project. Since the fence can be shared by two households or more, your neighbors should also consider fencing their households at the same time. If they both accept, the fences will age together.

Quality of wood

There are different types of wood you can use to install a wood fence. However, wooden fences are common grounds for termites. Therefore, choose the right wood for your fence to prevent any termite attacks. Also, the type of wood you choose should be durable to prevent constant repairs and allow for little maintenance.

If you have never installed a wooden fence before, it is preferable to hire a contractor to do the job for you. Wooden picket fences often require occasional maintenance to prevent staining or damage. Therefore, you should be prepared to handle any maintenance tasks that come after the installation. Contact Dakota Unlimited to learn more about a Wood Fence in St Paul.

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