Extra Pet Services Offered By An Animal Clinic in Yorktown, NY


While many pet owners take their furry friends to the vet for regular check ups, there are a number of additional services they can take advantage of. A great Animal Clinic in Yorktown NY will offer services like dental care, nutritional counseling, and geriatric care for animals big and small. These extra services will ensure that animals have the best care possible, allowing them to live healthy and happy lives for years to come.

Dental care is an often overlooked part of overall pet care. Just like humans, animals can develop a number of different dental issues. It’s important for pet owners to take care of a pet’s teeth with brushing and medication. A veterinarian will often examine the teeth to ensure that there are no issues. They’ll look for plaque build up and bacteria to avoid infection. Veterinarians can also perform thorough teeth cleanings. The pet will be gently sedated as the vet uses tough equipment to remove plaque. In the end, pets will have better oral hygiene and breath.

A pet’s nutritional intake is important. Poor eating habits can lead to a number of different health issues. In many cases, pets can become over weight and develop heart and lung problems. It’s important for pet owners to put their pets on a great nutritional plan to ensure that they are strong and healthy. Veterinarians will make valuable recommendations on the pet’s diet depending on their age and condition. As the pet ages, the veterinarian will adjust the nutritional plan accordingly.

Older pets often need extra care to keep them healthy. Like elderly people, pets can experience conditions like arthritis. They may have difficulties walking and breathing. Geriatric care will help keep the animal healthy. Veterinarians may recommend a change of diet and a number of different medications to treat any condition they have. They may also help with exercise and rehabilitation. This care will ensure that the pet is around for as long as possible.

Owners who want their pets to have the best care possible can take advantage of these services from an Animal Clinic in Yorktown NY. With most pets being a part of the family, it’s important to provide them with extra care. These services will do wonders to a pet’s overall health. For more information on these services and much more, pet owners can go to www.crotonanimalhospital.com.

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