Extending Your Batteries in Groton


Cold weather often means a dead battery and there is nothing enjoyable about being stranded at a store or at work in freezing temperatures because your vehicle will not start. Batteries in Groton are forced to deal with a number of challenging conditions throughout the winter months. In order to keep everything working as it should, there are some things you can do to improve the health of your battery.

1. Avoid quick trips -; or at least let your car idle for a few minutes now and then. This allows the alternator to have time to charge the battery.
2. Keep your battery connections clean and check them frequently.
3. Turn off extras like lights, the radio and the heater when you arrive at a destination. This way, when you go to start up again your battery will only need to power the necessities.
4. Use your garage to keep your battery warm between trips.
5. Make certain the battery is secure in the vehicle and not bouncing around.
6. Unplug your battery when going on vacation to prevent it from being drained while it is not in use.
7. If you are waiting in the car, leave the vehicle running if you want to listen to the radio or keep the heat on.
8. If your battery is draining even when the car is off, check the alternator, cables and accessories to see if these are what is preventing your battery from staying charged.

When there is nothing that seems to resolve your battery issues, replacement Batteries in Groton can be found at Bumper to Bumper. They have a full line of quality batteries to fit any vehicle. If your car, truck or SUV seems to be using up batteries too frequently, talk to someone about purchasing one with a better cold-cranking performance than the previous models you have invested in before.

Batteries in Groton can be expensive, but if you choose one which is heavy duty enough for your needs and care for it properly, they can easily last for three to five years, potentially longer in a vehicle that is kept well maintained and garaged overnight during the coldest weather.

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