Energy Efficiency and Replacement Windows in Wichita, KS


Start looking for Replacement Windows in Wichita KS and you’ll see ads which state windows can cut energy bills by 25 percent, 40 percent, or possibly more. With many windows to choose from, how do you determine which are energy efficient and which aren’t going to save you much at all? Three factors need to be considered when choosing your new windows.


The U value measures the amount of heat transfer from warm to cold and is similar in many ways to the R value you see with insulation. Windows are definitely going to have a much lower value than wall insulation, which may be why manufacturers choose to distinguish between the two of them. An Energy Star window, used in the northern zone, will have an R value of 3.33, but the U value is listed as .3. Choose high R value windows, often referred to as R5 windows, and the R value increases to 5, while the U value is .2. Wall insulation with an R value of 19 would have a U value of .05. As you can see, there is a big difference and no window can compare to wall insulation when it comes to heat transfer.


You also need to know how much energy from the sun will enter the home. The typical window will transmit 31 percent of this energy into the home. When choosing windows, you’ll find that you have options to increase or decrease this amount. You want to transmit the right amount of energy to keep the home warm during the winter and cool in the summer.


Air infiltration is another factor to consider when choosing your replacement windows. This figure is measured in CFM/F2 and tells you the rate of air that is transferred through the window. In laymen terms, this figure lets you see how well the window can stop air flow into the home when the window is shut.


Many factors play a role in energy savings, including the size of the home, the amount of insulation, user behavior, and more. Insulation and air infiltration both have a major impact on how much energy you use. Keep this information in mind when choosing windows to ensure you get the ones which meet your needs the best. To learn more about Replacement Windows in Wichita KS, click here.

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