Easy Guidelines for Central A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA

Easy Guidelines for Central A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA

Being in a room that is stuffy, too hot, or too cold can be a miserable experience. A defective air conditioning system can expose household occupants to excess dust, debris, and allergens if these substances are not being properly filtered out. Performing simple A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA will enable you to have a comfortable personal environment once again while saving money on repair costs.

Before you start your A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA, locate the evaporator and condenser. The evaporator is situated in the plenum above the furnace inside the house. The condenser is located outside the home on a flat surface, usually a slab concrete. To efficiently proceed with this repair, identify a possible cause followed by the easier solution for that cause. When this does not work, move on to another possible cause.

When you have a condenser that won’t start, check for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. These safety devices are located at the main entrance panel or at a separate entrance panel. Reset a tripped circuit breaker and change a blown fuse. A condenser may not turn on when the temperature is set too high. Lower the setting on the thermostat by fix degrees. The air conditioner should turn on within a few seconds. Repeat this step. When this fails to work, you may have a faulty compressor or motor. An A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA repair for these parts should be handled by an AC repairman.

If your air conditioning unit won’t cool properly, continue your A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA by inspecting the electrical panel for an interruption of power. A unit may not cool when the thermostat is set too high. Lower the temperature setting by 5 degrees. Wait about five minutes for it to start cooling. When this does not work, the condenser may be dirty. Clean the condenser with an industrial cleaner. Use a fin comb to straighten the fins. During this time remove grass, vines, and weeds from the condenser’s area. Test the unit for adequate cooling. If this fails to work, clean the evaporator. Call an AC repairman for more complex work if the AC system does not cool after these steps.

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