Designing an Effective Small Business Website


Even though having a quality website designed by professional web designers in Kenya is essential for businesses of all sizes, it’s especially important for small business owners who don’t have the same resources as larger businesses. Rather than spending all of your money on a cutting edge website with glossy graphics, learn the features of a truly effective small business website.

Exemplary Content

No matter how fantastic your website looks, you’ll have a hard time converting visitors into customers if your content leaves much to be desired. If you’re using professional web designers in Kenya, consider employing professional writers to create content for your site. Specifically, you’ll want to make sure you have enough information on your site that it’s clear what your business is and what kind of services or products you offer. You’ll also want to make sure your content entices the visitor to buy as they learn more about your products or services.

Know Who Your Audience Is

Are there certain individuals or a demographic that you think will benefit more from your product? Who would you like to see using your product? Once you’ve answered these questions, the overall design of your website should reflect your target audience. Make it so that your audience can see itself in your website as well as your product. Create a connection.


Your audience and visitors will use specific search terms and keywords in order to find your website. With the help of website designers in Kenya, you can find out what those keywords and search terms are and implement them in your website and descriptions. Certain search engines like Google have special analytical tools that can help you determine whether or not your chosen keywords are as effective as you think they are. It’s best that you take a look at the analytics at least once a month to see if anything has changed and if you need to tweak your website.

A Clean, Smooth Look

You might be tempted to use a flashy font and equally flashy graphics on your small business website, but this will more than likely do you more harm than good. It’s better that you have clean lines and a smooth look to your website. Doing so will make it easier for visitors to read and navigate your website. Use your keywords and content to get visitors excited about your products, not electrifying headers or useless videos.

Rather than spending a lot of money on your small business website, spend a lot of time on it. Ask yourself if you honestly believe your business is one that your audience wants to spend time and money on.

Ace Solution Africa Ltd can help you design an efficient and clean small business website. Rather than focus on the larger details, have your website designers in Kenya focus on the smaller and essential details.

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