Dealing with a sewer backup

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Plumbing

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The most frequent problems with outdoor plumbing in Skokie are those that are associated with sewers. In most cases a backed up sewer is caused when a combination of hair and grease and perhaps foreign objects block the sanitary drain or in cases a heavy rainfall will flood them. When the sanitary drain is backing up it is something that must be fixed as quickly as possible and in the meantime water should not be used. Drains that become blocked must be opened by an experienced, licensed plumber but if the problem was caused by storm water the only thing to do is wait for it to subside. A sewer backup is potentially a health hazard because the material that is in the drain is toxic, containing high concentrations of bacteria and viruses. If the backup sends contaminated liquid over the bathtubs or tile floors that can be simply cleaned up but if the floors are carpeted they more often than not have to be replaced.


The sewer, which is considered to be outdoor plumbing in Skokie can become blocked with hair, grease and other debris, they can also be blocked if the roots from nearby trees should invade the line. Some sewer lines are either not deep enough or they run under an area that carries traffic, these lines can easily be crushed by the weight as vehicles pass over them. Another common culprit is children’s diapers that are flushed down the toilet by accident, the same holds true for sanitary napkins.


A Skokie professional plumber must be called as immediate action is called for. The source of the blockage must be tracked down and until such time as the problem is resolved the family members must be cautioned about using any water. When the outdoor plumbing in Skokie is the problem all the plunging in the world is not going to help.


Professional plumbers have equipment at their disposal that is used to locate the position of the problem as well as the problem itself. Video inspection devices are sent down the line before the plumbers get to work making repairs. Plumbers typically use rotary rooters to open the line allowing the clog to be pushed out of the drain. If the problem turns out to be crushed pipes they will have to be replaced and in many cases relocated to ensure it doesn’t happen again; in cases like this the plumbers will bring in heavy equipment to dig the new trench and lay the new sewer.

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