Create the Right Mood with Pathway Landscape Lighting

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Landscape Lighting Designer

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Many years ago, lighting a pathway meant turning on the front porch light. Now, pathway landscape lighting ideas include a number of lighting designs. By using innovative lighting, you can create areas that appeal to your sense of style.

When deciding on pathway landscape lighting ideas, consider the areas to be lit, the amount of space required, the distance from the home, and what type of mood you want to convey.

If your house is well lit outside, it will send a message that your home is safe and secure. Having a lit yard will allow visitors after dark to see better so they can make their way over to the front door.

Illuminating pathways and steps can prevent accidents from occurring after dark. Motion detector lights are an excellent way to light up any hidden areas when people walk by. The photocells in these lights will turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Your pathway landscape lighting design should be focused on safety and ambiance. Safety so people do not trip and then ambiance for the mood. Certainly, you do not want floodlights when trying to create a romantic backyard.

Landscape lighting ideas usually come from some of the areas of your garden you are very proud of such as pathways, unusual plants, tall trees, or a butterfly garden. You not only enjoy these areas during the day but want to enjoy also at night, so you need to place the lighting along the pathway leading to the designated area.

Solar lighting is a practical way to create safety while adding interest to your pathway. You need to be sure the lights will get enough sun exposure during the day to charge the photocell. Low voltage lighting is also a good idea to use as pathway landscape lighting.

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