Create a Custom Floor, Counter Top or Back Splash With Product From a Tile Shop


People are always looking for ways to improve their home. They are often motivated by the need to increase the value of the property and improve their equity in the home, but some folks simply want a beautiful house to live in. There are many ways to add a unique style to your home and a number of them involve the covering of the floors. Not surprisingly, the most common floor covering is hardwoods. This is mainly because hardwoods stand the test of time and can be easily refinished when the need arises. However, you can also find some incredibly durable flooring products at your local Tile Shop.

Tile and stone floors have a distinct advantage over wood when placed on a concrete slab. They can be quickly grouted in place and the products are usually cured overnight. Plus, they can be floated in place so any imperfections in the slab aren’t visible. Another interesting advantage to using tile is the combinations that a quality tile layer can provide. Given enough time an experienced tiler can craft amazing patterns and designs making your floor the envy of any who see it. Even if you opt for classic patterns you still have the choice of uniquely colored tiles that can make your floors pop.

Tile isn’t just for floors. It can be used for counter tops, back splashes or simply to make a wall area stand out. The only real limit to using tile in your home is the imagination of the person designing the installation. Plus, tile doesn’t have to be used by itself. It makes an excellent edging for stone surfaces and is perfect for those counters made from reclaimed granite. Using high quality tiles as an edge between the granite pieces make the counter look like a custom addition.

Selecting tile is more than just appreciating the colors and patterns they come in. You also need to be aware of how strong the tile is. For example, you can’t put certain tiles on a counter top because they may end up cracking under the weight of dishes or from the heat of cooking. When selecting tiles for the back splash be sure to match the colors to any other stone or tile in the room. If you are searching for a great Tile Shop be sure to visit Redmountaincarpet.com.


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