Contact Pool Maintenance Long Island NY For Your Pool

by | Jul 2, 2014 | business services

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Pools are fantastic during those hot summers. Just jump in and cool off! But they can be a hassle to clean. Look for pool maintenance Long Island NY or anywhere to come clean that pool for you. If you work long hours, this can really be a time saver. When you get home, you don’t need more work to do. Knowing that your pool maintenance person has come by and cleaned your pool means you can just sit back and enjoy it.


When the summer season approaches, everyone is in a rush to get their bodies swimsuit-ready. Your pool needs preparation as well. Pool maintenance Long Island NY includes removing the winter cover, brushing the scum off the tiles and walls that accumulated during the winter, vacuuming and skimming debris out of the water. New chemicals may need to be added or adjusted. Installing handrails and adding floats are all things that the maintenance person will do for you. They will adjust the water level and make sure the pump equipment is working properly. Then they will come in on a regular basis to keep your pool looking sparkling clean.


When the season is over, pool maintenance professionals can winterize your pool to protect it from the elements. Pool maintenance Long Island NY will remove handrails, diving boards and other equipment. They lower the level of water in the pool, add chemicals to keep the water clean and install a winter cover. Your pool maintenance person will disconnect your equipment so it does not increase your bills even when not in use. Then they will blow out water from pipes so standing water does not become bacteria ridden. They perform repairs as well from broken pumps to clogged filtration systems, and even install pool liners and replaster or marble dust your pool to keep it looking like new.


Research local pool maintenance companies like online to find one that offers all the services you need. It will save you time and keep your pool looking beautiful year round. Regular maintenance keeps your pool in good condition so you don’t experience any problems that would keep you from enjoying your pool anytime you want! Contact Sky Blue Pools Long Island, NY today.


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