Compliance through Lawful Interception Solutions

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Shopping

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Communication companies today are legally required to make system accommodations for lawful intercept surveillance, and this has become a significant challenge for network operators today as communication methods have changed and developed to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Suspicious or criminal persons have a vast array of new communication channels which are often encrypted and constantly changing, and intercepting and decoding these transmissions can be an enormous amount of trouble without dedicated lawful interception solutions in place. Since compliance is the responsibility of the network operator rather than the authorities who might utilize the intercept software, these providers have been looking for reliable lawful interception solutions from reputable companies which can cover all of the communication mediums they need for intelligence gathering and law enforcement. Many companies can provide such solutions to a degree, and it’s more a matter of what mediums a network provider maintains and needs to cover.


Lawful Interception Solutions are No Longer Straightforward


Originally, lawful interception involved a simple monitoring of networks which operated with circuit switches and carried only voice transmissions. There wasn’t any other communication method which needed to be watched by law enforcement and intelligence agencies until technology rapidly evolved, and then suddenly there never seemed to be enough control. But today, network operators can obtain lawful interception solutions for all of the major communication mediums.


Voice Interception. Phone communication has certainly changed since the beginning of lawful intercept, but so has surveillance software. Now it is possible to intercept real-time calls on multiple channels, and record several lines at the same time. Companies are more than capable of handling analog phone traffic interception today.


VoIP Decoding. Audio and video can be intercepted and decoded both real-time and as a recorded file, and the packet transmissions do not pose a problem any longer. It is now possible to monitor the endpoints and sequences of the info packets so they can be effectively reconstructed to reproduce the original transmission in its entirety.


Fax Interception. Now fax audio signals can be intercepted and converted into viewable image files secretly and successfully. There are some people under the impression that fax communication is secure against lawful interception, but this is not the case for traditional or internet fax. Demodulation and decoding solutions can be implemented to suit any need.


All of these communication methods can be performed traditionally or over the internet and digital data mediums and still be successfully intercepted with the right software solution.


Quality Companies Can Provide it All


Every lawful interception solutions provider can assist with basic surveillance compliance to some degree, and the concern is mainly getting the best quality and most comprehensive service for an affordable price. Since it is not optional, but a legal requirement essentially all around the world, network operators are always on the lookout for the best lawful interception solutions.

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