Common Reasons You May Need AC Repairs in Mobile, AL

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Air Heating & Conditioning

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Even the most reliable units eventually need AC Repairs in Mobile AL. That’s because they consist of parts that move combined with ones that can get brittle or corrode. Moving parts eventually wear out by nature, while humidity in the air can allow corrosion to act against the coolant lines and other components. Wiring also suffers from the ravages of age, and can eventually get brittle and crack.


Fortunately, an air conditioner’s moving parts are usually durable enough to last for the expected usage duration of the machine. However, if you’ve kept your unit for a couple of decades, they may eventually wear out. These parts are usually in the compressor or blower unit, so if they do fail, you’ll surely need AC Repairs in Mobile AL.


A more common problem is leaking of the coolant. Coolant lines can develop pinhole leaks due to corrosion, or in rare cases, accidents like dropping something heavy onto the tubing. Regardless of how the leak developed, patching it is usually a simple matter. Patching is required when coolant leaks are present. Otherwise, any new fluid that gets added will just leak away. This both harms the environment and causes you to continue to need AC Repairs in Mobile AL.


Wiring problems can crop up anywhere, but in many cases, they are found in the connections to and from the thermostat. If the wiring gets brittle and breaks, the air conditioner won’t be able to get the signal to start or stop. Wiring issues in other areas will prevent the unit from getting the power it needs to run. If your machine won’t even try to start, the electrical system will likely be checked first.


The thermostat is another component that can go bad. Digital thermostats run with batteries, so the first thing you should do is try putting new ones in and seeing if that fixes the problem. If the issue persists, call for AC Repairs in Mobile AL. Air conditioner repair companies will have a selection of basic thermostats in stock so that you can get your system running right away. If you normally use an upgraded type of thermostat, one can be ordered in, but it’s a good idea to accept the basic one so that you can get the cooling you need while you wait for it to arrive.



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