Common Causes of Personal Injury that Require a Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson to be Hired

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Lawyers

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Personal injury (also known as tort) is a very broad area of the law that is a collection of many different kinds of cases. Both of these being common examples of personal injury related cases.


Vehicular Accidents
People reach out to a law firm such as for vehicle accident related personal injury cases more than any other type of accident. This is why when a personal injury attorney is referred to as an accident attorney people instantly assume they deal with traffic accident related cases. You should keep in mind that not every single vehicle accident is personal injury claim worthy. The accident must have resulted in injuries and the accident must have not been your fault. You could need to hire a professional Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson because you were harmed by a defective product or because you were in a vehicular accident.


Defective Products
Manufacturers have a responsibility to uphold a certain level of safety with every product they release to the public. The product has to go through a certain amount of safety tests to make sure it is not going to harm someone. Despite these safety tests, it is not uncommon for some unsafe products to make their way to the shelves anyway. When a defective product harms you, the manufacturer is still legally responsible for your safety and well-being.


Other Types of Injuries
Defective products and vehicular accidents are just two of the many different kinds of injuries and accidents that fall under tort law. Maybe you took a prescription drug that had a very negative effect on you? You could hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson and file a claim for money from the company who created the drug because it is their responsibility to test it for those kinds of problems.


You could have been injured while you were at work or you could have slipped and fell down while you were walking through the grocery store. When you fall or get hurt on property that belongs to someone else it falls under premise liability. This is because the owner of the property has a certain right to protect the safety of the people on said property. The only thing you need to know is that all accidents that result in injury could lead to financial compensation depending on the circumstances.
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