Clear Clutter the Right Way with Waste Disposal in the North East

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Business & Investment

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In 2003 and 2004, UK households produced more than 30 million tonnes of waste. Since this time, millions of people have been introducing green practices into their daily life as a way of conserving natural resources and preventing climate change. If you want to manage waste disposal in the North East properly, it’s advisable to hire help from a professional company.

The best way to banish clutter and rubbish without adding to the already overflowing landfills and incinerators is by hiring a skip. Companies that specialise in waste disposal in the North East can deliver large and small containers for commercial and domestic needs. Available on a long or short-term basis, they can be used to hold plastics, metals, glass, paper and many other materials.

Health Benefits
Burning waste in a landfill or backyard used to be very common back in the day but now, this is frowned upon. The reason being that burning hazardous materials could pollute the atmosphere and contribute to global warming, which will impact the future for younger generations. Greenhouse gas emissions, also known as GHGs, will cause climates to change and sea levels to rise, which could have devastating impacts on the environment. When exposed to this type of pollution the chances of developing asthma, heart disease, and respiratory disease increase, proving the importance of waste disposal in the North East for big and small jobs.

Environmental Benefits
Nobody will want to visit an area that is bombarded with waste and pollution, so why not do something for your local community by preserving the environment with waste disposal in the North East? Not only will proper waste disposal encourage tourism and boost the economy but also, it will lower the consumption of natural resources. This means that cities can make use of organic waste, rather than spending money and contributing to pollution through using raw materials to create new products.

Waste Energy
Large amounts of pollution and carbon dioxide will be emitted into the atmosphere each time incinerators are used to destroy waste. However, with waste disposal in the North East, energy can be captured and used to generate electricity, which once again conserves natural resources and saves money! A major advantage of recycling and waste disposal, this method is expected to reduce the need of waste in the future.

JBT Waste Services provides a full range of waste disposal services that are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers.

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