Cleaning Up From Flood Damage in Queens

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Home Improvement|Repair Services

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The damage from water can be insidious. It can occur slowly, for example if there is water seeping through a roof, condensation in a wall, broken hoses on dishwashers or washing machines, or the damage can be fast from flooding, for example. When there is Flood Damage in Queens there are many concerns. As with all flood damage, mold is of great concern and physical damage, such as structural and/or aesthetic issues.

When cleaning up flood damage or damage caused by highly toxic water, the removal can be quite extensive. Toxic water is “black water” and contains bacteria, fungi, and unsanitary agents. This type of water in the home can cause people to get severely sick. Toxic water is Category 3 water. Category 2 water is “gray water, and is toilet water with only urine, or from a sump pump, this category can also make human sick. Category 1 water is clean water. The nature and extent of the water damage will determine the removal method.

When cleaning up Flood Damage in Queens there are several steps totake.

  • Ensure the power is shut off, water and electricity don’t mix.
  • Move everything out of the home. Some items might be salvageable i.e. if it is metal or wood and had sealant.
  • Identify if there was any structural damage. If found, repair it.
  • Clean and repair any plaster that has been damaged.
  • Remove the carpet, as it will not be salvageable after a flood.
  • Test for mold and mildew. Clean air ducts to eliminate mold and mildew.

If there has not been a flood, and there is just water damage to a small area, the clean-up will obviously not be as extensive. You would still test for mold. If there is damage to a wall or ceiling, you would simply replace the drywall or plaster. If the carpet has not been wet very long, and if the water was not sewage based, the carpet may be salvageable.

For water damage restoration, you can do it yourself, but it is best to hire professionals. Visit the website for more information. Professionals have the experience and insight to help ensure your home is mold free and completely restored after a heavy rainfall, dripping, or catastrophic flood.

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