Choosing the Right Sod in Wichita KS


Choosing the right Sod in Wichita KS increases the odds for enjoying a lawn that is lush and green. In order to achieve this effect, it helps to consider several factors before settling on the right product. Here are some tips that will help. Find Out What Will Grow in the YardBefore spending a lot of time looking at different options for sod, have the existing ground tested. A county agent can help with this process. By taking a few samples and having them analyzed, the agent can provide the homeowner with a breakdown of which types of grasses will thrive in the soil.

If the soil happens to be fairly depleted, the agent can make suggestions on what type of fertilizer would help to restore those lost nutrients. Consider the Amount of Sun the Yard GetsDifferent types of grass thrive in constant sunlight, while others are ideal for shaded areas. Take a moment and consider the amount of sunlight that various areas of the yard get during the day. If just about every area of the yard is exposed to direct sunlight at some point, then focus attention on Sod in Wichita KS that will take root and thrive in that environment.

When most of the yard is shaded for the majority of the day, then opting for a type of grass that does better with indirect sunlight is the way to go. The Growth RateOne thing that many homeowners do not know is that different kinds of grass grow at different rates. Some grow quickly while others take more time. When the goal is to have nice ground cover that requires less maintenance, choosing Sod in Wichita KS that grows at a slower rate is certainly a good idea. Getting Help From an ExpertBefore making a final decision about the Sod in Wichita KS, talk with a landscaping professional. Get some suggestions for different kinds of grasses to use.

Look at samples of each one so there is no confusion about the look or the texture of the grass. Taking the time to understand what each grass has to offer will make it all the easier to choose something that helps to hold the soil in place and provides the grounds with a beautiful lawn.

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