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Everyone would like for their teeth and gums to remain healthy enough to prevent the loss of any teeth. That isn’t always possible for many people though. Everything from gum disease, injuries that break off or knock out teeth, to teeth that have decayed to the point where they can no longer be saved can mean you end up needing to replace at least one tooth.

In the past, this meant you would either have to live with that missing tooth or have a partial denture plate made to hold in an artificial tooth. Now you have other choices as well. If you choose a dentist in Rosemount, MN that has experience and expertise in placing dental implants, you will be able to have missing teeth replaced in a way that gives you back your bite and smile, without the use of any dentures at all.

Depending on the location of your missing tooth or teeth, it can be problematic if you don’t use something to replace them. It can leave a space for your other teeth to move into, and cause your bite to get out of alignment. This can mean further damage happens when your teeth are hitting your other teeth, chipping them, breaking them off or causing them to become loose over time. A dental implant put in by a dentist in Rosemount, MN is the perfect long-term answer to this problem.

There are several choices in dental implants, depending on your specific situation. The dentist can explain which of them would work for you. If you Click Here to read more about these implants, you will see that the dentist removes any remaining tooth you have and places a screw type of base into the bone where the tooth was. This is then topped with a natural looking crown that perfectly matches your other teeth in appearance and function. This process can be done for a molar or a front tooth. Implants can be used to replace one tooth, or several teeth. With proper care, these implants last for many years. That leaves you feeling great about your smile for just as long.

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