Can the Best Foreclosure Lawyer Help You Avoid Losing Your Home?


Through foreclosure many families are deprived of their property. It is a process that cannot be stopped but you can find solutions to allow you a little longer and have more time to avoid homelessness. Once the credit institution has initiated foreclosure, an affected entity may agree to evict you at any time. Therefore it is important to try to negotiate in good faith with the bank to obtain refinancing. If you have reached this stage, it is best to contact the Best Foreclosure Lawyer in your area first.

Unfortunately, most foreclosures go on without people knowing their rights. The legal weapons used don’t abort the process usually, although some do allow you to paralyse it and buy some time. Thus, lengthening the process will end up being the main objective achieved in the majority of cases. To try to stop the process and save yourself some time, the defence of those affected can be articulated using formal aspects of the foreclosure procedure (when the subject has not been properly informed of the situation, for example) or background (to the extent that the mortgage may contain clauses that may be considered abusive).

Formal issues allow the implementation process to be paralysed in less than 1% of cases, and in any case, the bank can restart the entire procedure when the errors are corrected. This will just earn you some more time. Furthermore, the substantive issues do not allow stopping the process in most cases, but it is true that there have been some cases in which the conclusion was unfair in reference to the appraised value, etc. However, the vast majority of judges leave the contents of the contract on the sidelines in the foreclosure proceedings because they understand that there was consent by the affected mortgaged, who for years did not report these abuses of the contract and signed it before a notary (the supposed understood and agreed with the compromise).

In any case, it is essential that any issues are caught early or you will have a problem when it comes to paying the bank because when you stop it will be much more difficult to negotiate with the credit institution. For more information on these proceedings visit Thompsonanddeveny.com today.

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