Better Outcomes You Can Receive With the Help of a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Saint Paul, MN

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Law

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You may have had just a few drinks, but the reality is that if you’re stopped for any reason you can be arrested on a DUI charge. Those few drinks may not make you feel drunk, but they can put you over the legal driving limit. If this has happened to you, you don’t have to lose hope. You may be able to get help having your charges dropped or lowered to a lesser charge by speaking with a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Saint Paul MN. To know more, visit their website at


Dropped Charges


While most people think that once you’re charged you have to go to trial to be found guilty or not guilty, this is not always the case. A lawyer may be able to have your charges dropped, which can mean you are no longer facing criminal charges on your record. Some of the reasons a charge may be dropped include an error with the breathalyzer, an arrest that wasn’t legal for any of a variety of reasons, or insufficient evidence to charge you.


Lowered Charges


If your lawyer can’t find a way to drop your charges, all hope is not lost. They may be able to have your charges lowered to a reckless driving charge instead. This is still a criminal charge, but you won’t have a DUI on your record and the penalties for reckless driving are much lower than the ones for a DUI. You may even be able to avoid jail time and be able to continue driving. In many cases, there are restrictions imposed on your license for a set amount of time, but that’s much better than losing your license as you can still work and run your errands.


If you’ve been pulled over for drinking and driving, call a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Saint Paul MN as soon as possible. The faster they can begin working on your case, the better results you can see. You may even be able to avoid a criminal charge on your record altogether! If you’re looking for a good criminal defense lawyer to help with your DUI case, you may want to start your search with a lawyer from the Brandt Criminal Defense of Saint Paul MN team.


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