Benefits of Using a Walk in Clinic in Port Orange


When you have a minor emergency or you need to be seen for an illness, the last thing you want to do is go to the emergency room and spend hours waiting. Using a walk in clinic in Port Orange can be highly beneficial because they offer necessary tools for you to get better, and the wait is often extremely short compared to an emergency room.

Costs Are Lower

When you use a walk in clinic in Port Orange, the costs will be significantly lower than they would be if you went to an emergency room. It typically costs thousands of dollars for even a simple ailment at the emergency room. You can often expect to pay 10% of what you would have to pay for an emergency room if you use a walk in clinic in Port Orange instead.

New Patients Accepted

There’s no need to have a primary doctor when you visit a walk in clinic in Port Orange. Walk in clinics will accept new patients that have never been to their location before. If you need to be seen for something but can’t get into your regular doctor, or don’t even have a regular doctor, take advantage of walk in clinic services in Port Orange.

Electronic Records

Many walk in clinics offer electronic records for their patients. This makes things easier on you because you can see exactly what services you received, what the costs were, what your lab work revealed, and so much more. While this is not mandatory of walk in clinics in Port Orange, many of them do offer electronic records services.

Receive Quality Care

You can expect to receive the same quality care at a walk in clinic in Port Orange that you receive at an emergency room anywhere else. It is often better because there aren’t as many people for the doctors to wait on, so you receive more personalized service and one-on-one time that you often can’t find at most emergency rooms.

Walk in Appointments

Walk in appointments are welcome at walk in clinics. If you wake up one morning and find that you need medical services, you can walk into any walk in clinic, and they can help you. Whether your problem is an ongoing issue, or it’s a new health problem plaguing you, take advantage of the great services that walk in clinics offer.

Many Ailments Treated

From a simple problem such as needing stitches or x-rays, to an illness such as strep throat or the flu, walk in clinics are capable of helping with this. You can expect to be seen quickly and get back to feeling better in no time. Walk in clinics can also help with medication of all kinds as well as wound care or preventative medicine.

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