Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

If you are either building or remodeling your home, you might want to consider changing light fixtures. You can always stick with the traditional bulbs and fixtures in your home, but you can also switch the LED lighting. You can find Chicago LED lights that will give you benefits from switching.

Energy Efficient

LED lights are more energy efficient. LED lights operate at about 80% illumination efficiency, which means only 20% is used towards heating. This can save you money on your electricity bill and keep your room bright. Because they also have such a long life, you also don’t have to worry about changing them that often. Most LED bulbs come with 100,000 hours of life. They also won’t blow out like other lights, they will begin to dim over time, letting you know they are reaching the end of their life. A lot of companies and public areas have switch to LED lights for their energy efficiency and long life.

Eco Friendly

These lights are made without any chemicals that are toxic. This makes them great for the environment. They are also completely recyclable, so you won’t have to worry about disposing of them properly without breaking them. They can also help to reduce the amount of waste you use because you won’t have to change them that often. Most bulbs can last about a decade or more.


Even though these lights are recyclable and good for the environment, they are still made of durable materials. They can typically handle any harsh outdoor condition that can happen. This makes them a great choice for any outdoor lights you may have. Also, they are usually brighter than traditional lights, which can give you more sight outside at night. They are also shock and impact resistant, which is good in case you accidently drop one.

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