Benefits of Central Heating System

by | Dec 1, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Have you been paying more to heat the home than usual? If so, it may be time to replace an inefficient heating system with a modern central heating system. A preferred option among homeowners everywhere, these systems are affordable and will help you remain comfortable in the home. What’s more, they are an energy efficient choice and there are multifarious styles to choose from. Whether you opt for a storage heater, warm air system or wet system, you can expect to experience lots of benefits when compared to a conventional boiler.


Efficient and Economical


Everyone’s carbon footprint is getting a little bit bigger and what’s most surprising is that a lot of people don’t actually realise it! Driving a car, switching on the television, using the microwave – all of these things can affect the environment. If there is one thing you can do to be more eco-conscious it’s get a central heating system installed in the home. Unlike other methods of home heating, central heating provides a more even temperature throughout the building and you can expect energy costs to lower, due to the fact that the system does not run constantly.


Various Heating Sources


Solar power, gas and electric energy are just a few heating sources that can be used to power central heating systems. The type you choose will depend on how many rooms in the home you want to heat, as well as how much money you intend on spending each month. Central heating is unique in the sense that it can combine the three main heating sources. Once warm air has circulated around the home it will not be wasted and instead, will return back to the main system. Expect the system to operate more effectively with this modern circulation system.


Centrally Located


The worry on a lot of homeowner’s minds is the potential of property damage. A centrally located heating system will be positioned in one room, so you need not worry about components being scattered around the place. Even though the device is situated in a particular area, heat will be transferred to every single room synchronously. In addition to this, problems can be dealt with easier if they arise, due to the fact that all components are located in one area.


Space heaters and ducted gas heaters are just two systems offered by Geelong Air. To speak to a professional about your heating and cooling needs, call 03 5291 8305.

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