Benefit From Hiring Workers Compensation Lawyers in Burlington VT


Since the government mandated all employers carry worker’s compensation benefits for their employees, there has always been a struggle for injured people to understand the process. Though laws have been passed over the years that require employers and their insurance company to act within reasonable amounts of time, many people end up being given the runaround and feel they are wasting their time in pursuit of the benefits they are entitled to. This is why many workers choose to get help by hiring Workers Compensation Lawyers in Burlington VT.

When the process works correctly, the injured party first informs their employer who in turn files a claim with the insurance provider. By law, the insurance provider has a certain period of time to adequately respond. They normally have two weeks to make a determination or offer a reason for denial of benefits.

The insurance company can require the injured worker to go through drug and alcohol testing. The company may also require the injured party sees a company-approved doctor even if they have been diagnosed and treated by their own.

Though this is the way it should go in a normal claim, it rarely progresses smoothly. Often, the insurance company will do their best to deny coverage and may even try to prove the accident was caused by the employee. If they do not deny the claim, they may cause so much red tape it takes weeks for the injured person to receive benefits. Click here to get more information.

This is where Workers Compensation Lawyers in Burlington VT are able to prove their true worth to their clients. The lawyer immediately begins contacting the insurance company and works towards a favorable outcome. This may mean appealing a denial through a hearing. The lawyer will do everything possible to make sure his client receives the benefits he is entitled to receive.

If you have been hurt on the job and are finding it difficult to work with the insurance company involved in your case, visit website They have helped many injured victims and will be happy to assist you through the filing process. Call them today so they can schedule you for a free consultation appointment.

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