Beneficial Properties of Teflon Spray Coating

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Adhesives

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From the culinary industry to the medical field, Teflon spray coatings can be immensely helpful for enhancing and improving your products and applications. Teflon is polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, which is a strong, waxy resin used not only for nonstick cookware but also for industrial products, such as pumps, valves, bearings and pipe liners. This synthetic material features several valuable properties.

When you hear the name Teflon, you may immediately imagine pots and pans on a stove. This is because the bakery, food processing, confectionary and cookware industries widely use Teflon spray coating due to its ability to prevent cold and hot products from permanently becoming stuck to its surface.

This type of coating is also helpful for the heat sealing, pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, automotive and packaging industries because of its non-stick property. The coating also does not get wet easily, which makes the material good at self-cleaning. This quality is particularly helpful in the semiconductor field, where chemical media need to run off easily to be collected.

Temperature and Abrasion
This type of spray coating is indicated in conditions involving extreme temperatures. A Teflon spray coating can stay stable at temperatures of more than a whopping 500 degrees Fahrenheit or temperatures of negative 518 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of their temperature resistance, Teflon coatings are often used to seal plastic or elastomers or on extrusion dies; other treatments may end up degrading or causing the clogging of molten material instead. Teflon also reduces friction and is known for its abrasion resistance.

Teflon naturally resists attacks from a majority of chemicals and will boost a component’s resistance to corrosion when applied to that component. This is why items such as fasteners and bolts benefit from this type of coating. Teflon is also extremely useful in electrical applications, including for use in cable guides, connectors and light fittings.

A quality provider of custom industrial coating services can provide for you Teflon coatings that can be used on metals, including brass, stainless steel and aluminum, as well as non-metal surfaces, including rubber, fiberglass or plastics, to take your product to an entire new level of quality.

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