Avoiding the Risks of Badly Maintained Boilers with Help from a Plumber in Milton Keynes


It may be concealed out of sight in most properties, but the boiler is an essential part of any home. This appliance must be maintained well and serviced annually to reduce the chances of a problem occurring. A carbon monoxide leak is a worry for many homeowners, particularly since this gas is odourless and colourless. A poorly maintained appliance could also stain the area surrounding it, which could result in costly repairs. With an inspection, cleaning and testing of all components, non-functioning parts can be replaced and boiler efficiency improved.

Carbon Monoxide Gas

Have you heard about the dangers associated with carbon monoxide gas? It is a silent killer and claims the lives of more than 50 people in the United Kingdom every single year. You could put your entire family at risk unless you maintain your boiler, because lack of maintenance might result in a gas leak. Leaky or blocked flues will cause the gas to leak and by law, a plumber in Milton Keynes should inspect the appliance once a year, or more.

Do You Suspect Damage?

As soon as you think something is not quite right, refer to the manufacturer booklet that came with the appliance or contact your gas supplier. The gas flame on a boiler should burn blue, therefore if it is glowing orange, yellow or another shade, there is a big chance the boiler is damaged. Are the fires hard to light? Do wood or coal fires only stay ignited for a short period of time? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, the heating appliance is probably faulty.

Taking Safety Precautions

You could inspect the appliance yourself, but if you miss an underlying problem the chances of death by asphyxiation will increase. What’s more, a badly maintained boiler will be more expensive to run. Contact a qualified gas engineer who is featured on the Gas Safe Register to deal with leaky or blocked flues. The boiler and controls will be inspected as a safety precaution, and the professional will also take the time to perform a gas pressure check and clean components, before putting the appliance back together according to the manufacturer guidelines.

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