Annual Inspections Can Prevent Expensive Roof Repairs Oro Valley AZ Homeowners Aren’t Prepared to Make

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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By the time water is leaking into your home from your roof, it’s too late for preventive maintenance. You are likely to have a huge repair bill or even the more costly expense of a whole new roof. These expenses can be avoided, though, by maintaining the most important part of your house.

With proper maintenance, your roof will last longer. If you had the roof installed while you lived in your home, the warranty may require that you maintain. Fortunately, annual maintenance is a simple way to protect your investment so your roof will meet the expected life span for the material.
Be sure to schedule your roof maintenance in the spring. By having your roof inspected and getting and necessary repairs before your home is subjected to the extreme heat of the Arizona summer, you have a better chance of avoiding a major problem. The inspector will ensure that your roof has enough UV protection to make it through the summer. Without this protection, your roof will age more quickly. A poorly maintained roof may only last half of its expected life span.

If you need minor Roof Repairs Oro Valley AZ contractors can take care of them before they become need to go our contractor is more likely to discover these problems in the early stages if you keep a regular maintenance schedule. Be sure to get documentation of any repairs your contractor makes. You may need to prove that you maintained your roof if you ever need to use your warranty.

In addition to checking your roof, your contractor may also check your gutter system. Gaps in your gutters should be repaired so they don’t cause water to enter your home or harm your foundation. Some gutter problems can be seen from the ground while others, such as clogs, may need a closer inspection. Your roofing contractor may recommend seamless gutters to prevent common gutter problems.

Whether you need annual maintenance or roofing repairs, Ralph Hays Roofing Oro Valley AZ can provide the service you need to protect your home and your roof warranty. Taking care of your roof now can help your roof stay in excellent condition for many years.

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