Affordable Dental Implants in South Elgin, IL Are the Best Way To Replace Missing Teeth


Losing a tooth can be a devastating occurrence in your life. You may be worried about how you will look, especially if you lose one of your front teeth. Your eating or speech could also be affected, depending on which tooth or teeth you lose. Luckily, a cosmetic dentist can offer you treatment to help replace your missing tooth and improve your appearance. While there are several different options available for replacing missing teeth, most people seem to find that dental implants are the best choice. Affordable Dental Implants in South Elgin IL will look and feel like normal teeth, so that you won’t even remember that you have them.

There are several options available for replacing missing teeth. Dentures, dental implants and bridges can all be used, but some offer more benefits than others. The majority of people prefer to get dental implants when possible. Dental implants are often better than other alternatives for replacing teeth in several ways.

1. Dental implants from Foxriverperiodontics.com are surgically positioned into your gums, so they cannot come loose or move around. Dentures are typically held in place by an adhesive or paste and often fall out while people are using them.

2. Dental implants can be used for people who are missing just one tooth or for those missing all of their teeth. This is in contrast to dentures, which cannot be used to replace single teeth, and bridges, which are can only replace one tooth.

3. Dentures often look artificial and can make people feel uncomfortable with their physical appearance. Implants, however, look just like real teeth. Other people won’t be able to tell you are wearing them!

4. Dentures often don’t fit people well and may cause sores or abrasions by rubbing on the inside of the mouth. Since implants are permanent, there is no chance of them rubbing the gums or coming loose.

5. Bridges require the use of two healthy teeth surrounding a missing one to serve as anchors. Implants do not affect any surrounding teeth.

If you have lost a tooth or are missing several, you do not have to live in shame and worry about how other people view you. Visit a dentist to get Affordable Dental Implants in South Elgin IL. Implants offer many benefits over other methods of replacing teeth and can help you feel good about your appearance again.

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