Advantages of Having Furnace Repair and Inspection Work Done in Summer


When the temperatures outside start to increase, one of the last things many homeowners may want to think about is the condition of their home furnace. However, often summer can be the best time of year to have the unit inspected and cleaned by a professional. By doing this early, it will often be easier to schedule an appointment. In addition, if there is Furnace repair work to be done, the homeowner will have more time to arrange for the work to be done.

Most heating systems should be inspected by a professional prior to the start of the colder seasons of the year. A repair person can spend time cleaning the unit and inspecting the various components in the unit. This will ensure it is in good working order and will be less likely to breakdown and need emergency Furnace repair work during the winter months.

One of the most important things to be done to the system is the cleaning. A heating system tends to collect a good amount of dirt when it is running. This dirt can be damaging to the life of the system and cause power usage to go up substantially. By taking the time to vacuum this dirt from the system and change the filter, the unit will be able to run easier. This will help in prolonging the life of the system while keeping energy usage low.

It is also important for the motor on the unit to be checked to ensure it is operating safely. Most units are hardwired into the power supply of the home. These connections need to be checked to ensure they are secure and the wires are not damaged. Some motors may also need to have oil added via the oil ports on the unit. This will help in keeping the bearings lubricated and prevent the unit from locking up. The fan and fan belt attached to the motor should also be checked and replaced if necessary.

The burner on the system will also need to be inspected. The burner can be checked by examining the flames on the unit when the heat is turned up. If the flames are blue and burn steady, the burner is in good condition. If not, the burner is most likely dirty and will need to be taken apart and cleaned. This can be a time-consuming project.


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