AC Installation Services In Yucaipa CA Are Designed For Cooling Your Home In The Most Efficient Way

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Installing an Air Conditioning (AC) system requires a thorough analysis of the environment the AC system is intended to cool. One size does not serve all needs a home has for cooling. Many types of systems are available which makes selecting a system an important task involving the analysis of many aspects of the home’s construction and property location. An engineer trained in the AC Installation Services In Yucaipa CA that will deliver the most efficient cooling for the least amount of energy should study the home.

Many problems within the home can cause the AC system to be less effective and increase the operating cost. The result is a large investment with very little return. However, an engineer can study a home and determine what size the AC unit should be to do the best job of cooling the home.

He will study the caulking around the windows and doors to find any openings where air can leak out. The quality of the windows will be reviewed since this will determine the effectiveness of an AC system. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is an important number if it can be found. This number which is 0 to 1 indicates the capability of the glass to block the sun, and the lower rating indicates better cooling of the home by the AC system. Air Leakage is measured by window manufacturers, and this measurement indicates how much air will be allowed to enter the home.

Insulation is important in cooling the home with less energy. The insulation in the attic will also be a factor in selecting a system. The color of the roof is important because a lighter color roof will reflect the heat better.

The position of the house on the lot and the number of shade trees will be considered. If the home faces west and has many windows, then the home will be more difficult to cool. However, if many shade trees protect the house from the sun, then the home will be easier to cool.

All of this information when combined with the square footage of the home will enable the engineer to recommend the best air conditioner for your home. Click Here for more information.

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