A Guide to Finding a Good Bathroom Remodeler

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Remodeling

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When remodeling, finding the right contractor for the job can make all the difference. All you need to do is to search on the Internet or speak with friends to hear the horror stories of hiring “cowboy builders” to remodel your bathroom. Un-met deadlines, massively over budget, shoddy work and rude staff, these are all the traits of a remolding company that doesn’t care. Getting involved with one of these companies can ruin your dreams of a beautiful bathroom and turn a special process into one of dread and despair. This is why finding a good reputable company is of prime importance, and why you need to know how to tell the “cowboys” from the professionals. Use this guide to clue yourself up and prepare yourself for the all-important contractor search. Here’s what to look for:


The most important aspect for any contractor is what their previous clients have said about them. Any reputable contractor will provide a list of previous customer reviews. Remember though, do your own independent research, too. Check online for any blogs or reviews mentioning your considered company. Contracts rely heavily on referral business, so there should be plenty on information online about a reputable company.

Suggested Timeframe

Any reputable contractor will give you an estimated time frame to complete the job. This time frame should be short but also realistic. When deciding how long it will take, ask the contractor how many other jobs they will have to spread their time between. A good contractor will have lots of jobs, however this can cause the company to spread their workforce thinly. In other words, that can turn a 1 week job into a 1 month job. Renovating your bathroom can cause issues if you only have one bathroom and the job is taking a long time. You need to be sure it will impact your day to day life as little as possible.

Attention to Detail

If looking into bathroom remodeling in Silver Spring then try to find a local contractor. Often the local, smaller contractors will give more attention to detail, from getting to know you and your specific needs to customizing the job to suit your style. This can make all the difference to your job. Not every bathroom is the same and not everyone is the same, so why hire a company that treats everyone the same. Be confident that you’re getting the attention you deserve, it might be business as usual for the contractor but it’s not an everyday occurrence for you.

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