4 Must-have Western Dresses To Rock Every Occasion

4 Must-have Western Dresses To Rock Every Occasion

The western influence has had a transformative effect on almost every aspect of India and its people. But the one western influence that is visible without any need to observe is on fashion.

Western dresses have gone from becoming a trend to being the norm. But which are the dresses that have been adopted the most? Here’s a list.

Dungaree Dress

One of the best dresses to stand out of the crowd with an awesome mix of casual and stylish is the dungaree dress. They’re made from high-quality blue or black denim and are distinguishable from a big pocket and two straps on the shoulders.

While it needs to be combined with a top, blouse or a t-shirt, the outfit can be accessorized with hats, handbags, and glasses.

Bodycon Dress

One of the most sensual of western dresses is the bodycon dress. It’s designed to hug the body closely around the bust and hip area and is mostly made from polyester.

It comes in mini, midi, and maxi variations and can have sleeves of any length. The bodycon dress can be both casual and fancy and is the best dress there is for hourglass figures.

Kaftan Dress

A kaftan is a type of dress that is designed to fit loose and have flared sleeves. It is made using flowy fabrics that make it super comfy.

It can be paired with leggings or palazzo, or the bottom-wear can simply be ditched for a unique look. Apple-shaped and pear-shaped women can pull off kaftans well.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses lend one of the most glamorous yet effortless looks among the long list of western dress for women online. They are also called as long dresses as they gather just below the bust and the sweep all the way to the floor.

Maxi dresses accentuate the beauty of women with a long torso or a slim and rectangular body, but are equally suitable for women with any body shape.

Choose one of the dresses or all four according to your body type and occasion knowing that the right western dress will never be a let-down.

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