3 Signs a Homeowner Needs Plumbing Services in Tucson


A do-it-yourself kind of person is often tempted to try and handle issues at home without the help of a professional. While the results sometimes work out, there are other times when disaster strikes! How can a person know that is it time to make a phone call for professional plumbing services in Tucson? Here are three signs that the situation needs to be handed over to someone else.


Consistent Standing Water in the Sink, Tub or Shower


Every once in a while items make their way down the drain and get caught somewhere along the way. A homeowner may not see the hair, leftover soaps and shampoos, or general debris, but it’s there, clogging things up. Sometimes the issue is minimal and a drain cleaner found at the store can get the job done. But if the issue keeps coming back over and over again, there is a larger blockage that needs to be investigated. Don’t waste the money on drain cleaner. Call for Plumbing Services and get the situation under control.


Bathroom or Kitchen Fixture Replacement


Individuals can save a lot of money attempting to handle a remodeling project on their own. However, even people that tend to be handy around the house often struggle with the plumbing associated with changing out a toilet, sink, shower, or dishwasher. Setting things up incorrectly and then continuing on with a project could mean lots of backtracking and being forced to redo a lot of the work. In the long run, bringing in a person that knows what he or she is doing when it comes to plumbing could save a homeowner time and money.


Standing Water in the House


It seems obvious that this is the right time to call for professional plumbing services in Tucson, but there are those that try to handle the situation alone. If the area hasn’t been flooded with rain lately, there’s a good chance that something is wrong with the plumbing. Outside of addressing the actual problem, a homeowner also needs to deal with the water all over the floors. While it is okay to go ahead and cut off the water to the house (if a person knows how to do it) the next phone call should be to a plumbing specialist.

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