3 Practical Uses for Wood Chips in St. Paul, MN

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Arborist Supplies

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Do you have an excess of wood chips lying around from projects, but you don’t know what to do with them, and you want to reuse them? Here are some practical uses for wood chips in St Paul MN.


Mulch and Composting Material


Give back to Mother Nature while retaining water and keeping your plants warm. Putting mulch down also helps prevent the growth of weeds, and it keeps your garden looking nice.
Wood chips are helpful for composting because they hold a lot of carbon and are great to help build up soil nutrients lost over the years. By using the chips, you are already improving the soil quality and quantity. The chips will break down eventually and truly enrich the soil you are using while creating nice fertile soil that will help your plants to grow naturally.


Erosion Control


Although putting down wood chips is a temporary fix for a bigger problem, putting them down can provide a barrier that can help to prevent soil loss during the rainy and windy seasons. This is a great fix until you get the chance to talk to a professional landscaper about permanently fixing the problem. It is also recycling these wood chips. Erosion is usually due to weather. However, it could be that the soil is not draining properly, so make sure to get that checked out even though the wood chips will help the situation for the time being.


Walkways and Décor


A fun and useful way to use wood chips in St. Paul, MN, is for walkways and paths. When you use wood chips for walking areas, they are not only esthetically pleasing and creative, but they also help keep weeds out. Be sure to put down some weed cover under the path for extra coverage and to increase the lifespan of the path.


Using wood chips for décor is a fun way to spice up your home while recycling wood. Many people like to use chips in vases or to create one-of-a-kind art pieces for a rustic chic look, or even to mulch their plants indoors to make them look more attractive and retain the water. Do something creative instead of wasting your wood chips in St Paul MN.

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